Annual Holiday Ham Giveaway - December 7

Twin Valley is giving out 300 free hams to families in need for the holiday!

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Upgrade to Gig Speeds

Twin Valley Intro Gig Upgrade Promotion
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Boost Your Bandwidth

Get ready to revolutionize the way you use the internet. With Gig speeds, you can do it all.

For a limited time, you can give Gig speeds a try. Upgrade to 1 Gbps or 2 Gbps speeds at no additional cost for 3 months.* Hurry, because this offer expires November 15, 2023.

What can you do with all that speed?

  • Serious Gaming
  • 8K, 4K & HD Streaming
  • Work & Learn From Home
  • Use Multiple Devices At Once
  • Upload & Download Large Files
  • Video Chat
  • Email
  • Social Media
  • Whole Home Smart Devices & Security Systems

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Upgrade your speeds and experience the difference Gig can make. Current customers can upgrade to 1 Gbps or 2 Gbps at no additional cost for 3 months.*

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*Current customers who upgrade to 1 Gbps or 2 Gbps download speeds can pay no additional monthly costs for up to 3 months. Customers who have received a promotional offer in the last 12 months are not eligible for this offer. Offer ends November 15, 2023. Twin Valley reserves the right to alter or end the promotion at any time.