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Bringing the Fastest Speeds & Reliability

Affordable and reliable high-speed internet is no longer a “nice to have.” It is a necessity for individuals, families and businesses to compete, communicate and thrive in today’s world. Our state-of-the-art fiber broadband network makes Rosalia among the first in the nation to get 2 Gbps symmetrical speeds.

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What's so great about fiber?

We’re glad you asked.

  • Unmatched Quality

    From durability to resiliency to capability, no other medium comes close to matching it.

  • True Fiber-to-the-Premises (FTTP)

    No bottlenecks, no final-mile copper wire: end-to-end fiber optic cable straight to your door.

  • Gigabit Speeds

    Reaching unmatched speeds up to 2 Gbps symmetrical with low lag time, sending data as fast as about 70% the speed of light.

  • Reliable Uptime

    Peace of mind from knowing your internet is going to work when you need it to.

Get Free Internet

Yep, you read that right. As in, zero dollars. Everyone deserves affordable connectivity.

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