Twin Valley to Bring 8 Gbps Fiber to Haysville

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Next-Gen, Fiber-Fast Internet

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Bringing the Fastest Speeds & Reliability

Twin Valley is bringing you fiber-fast speeds with next-generation hybrid technology, offering you the speed and reliability that comes with fiber. Replace your current DSL connection with speeds more than 25-times faster!

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Do all the things you’ve dreamed of without the buffer – work from home, stream your favorite shows and sports, and crush the competition in online gaming. Use all your devices, all at once. It’s all possible with Twin Valley.

Now available in rural Atlanta, Bennington, Burden, and Clearwater, Kan.

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What's so great about our Next-Gen Internet?

We’re glad you asked.

  • Fiber-Fast Speeds & Reliability

    With hybrid technology powered by fiber-optic cables, we offer you the speed and reliability that comes with fiber in the most rural areas.

  • Reliable Uptime

    Peace of mind from knowing your internet is going to work when you need it to with low latency to support remote workers, gamers, and streamers.

What can you do with all that speed?

  • Ditch the Buffer

    Pair your favorite streaming TV platforms with Twin Valley’s new internet technology to access the content you love in high-definition without all the buffering or lag.

  • Dominate the Competition

    Finally you can enjoy a better gaming experience with unlimited data included.

  • Slay Your Workday

    Stay connected and productive all day long. Take your home office to the next level and enjoy seamless remote work experiences to achieve your goals.

  • Connect With Your Doctor

    Telehealth visits have never been easier, allowing you to talk to your doctor without leaving your home.

  • Extend Your Coverage

    Enjoy your internet from your basement to second floor, from your garage to your backyard with our WiFi router & app. You can even extend the signal to outbuildings.

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Get 3 Months Free for New Customers or a Free Upgrade for DSL Customers.

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Plans & Pricing

The Best WiFi… because nobody’s got time for slow internet. Check out our Next-Gen internet plans and monthly pricing below. Enter your address to sign up or to get business services and pricing. All plans include:

  • Unlimited Data & No Throttling
  • No Residential Contracts
  • Professional Installation
  • Local Technicians & Customer Service
  • 24/7 Support
  • $129.99

    500/125 Mbps

  • $84.99

    300/75 Mbps

  • $69.99

    100/25 Mbps

Our Pledge to Our Customers

Our goal is to be your lifelong broadband and communications provider. To earn your business, we’ve made a pledge to you, as well as your friends and neighbors in the many communities we serve.

  • Reliable Network

    Providing the most reliable broadband network

  • Best Value

    Improving access to high-quality service at affordable prices

  • Customer Service

    Bringing our hometown values and work ethic to every customer interaction

  • Community Outreach

    Supporting our communities with meaningful outreach initiatives and statewide digital inclusion efforts

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