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Rural Clearwater Fiber Internet

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Bringing the Fastest Speeds & Reliability

Affordable and reliable high-speed internet is no longer a “nice to have.” It is a necessity for individuals, families and businesses to compete, communicate and thrive in today’s world. Our state-of-the-art fiber broadband network makes Clearwater among the first in the nation to get 2 Gbps symmetrical speeds – that’s up to 200 times faster speeds than DSL.

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What's so great about fiber?

We’re glad you asked.

  • Unmatched Quality

    From durability to resiliency to capability, no other medium comes close to matching it.

  • True Fiber-to-the-Premises (FTTP)

    No bottlenecks, no final-mile copper wire: end-to-end fiber optic cable straight to your door.

  • Gigabit Speeds

    Reaching unmatched speeds up to 2 Gbps symmetrical with low lag time, sending data as fast as about 70% the speed of light.

  • Reliable Uptime

    Peace of mind from knowing your internet is going to work when you need it to.

Our Construction Process

We use premium local contractors to build a quality network to last for generations. Learn about the fiber construction process and contact our project managers with questions or concerns.

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Plans & Pricing

The Best WiFi… because nobody’s got time for slow internet. Check out our Clearwater fiber internet plans and pricing below.

  • Ultimate Experience

    Do you want the best of the best? This is your speed. Best for households who need the most reliable fiber technology and don’t have time for slowdowns. Unlimited data included. No throttling. No contracts.

    • Serious Gamers
    • 8K, 4K & HD Streaming on Multiple Devices
    • Multiple People Working From Home
    • Multi-Student Households for Online Classes & Homework
    • Large File Uploads/Downloads
    • Video Chatting
    • Email & Social Media
    • Smart Homes Fully Connected with Smart Devices & Security Systems

    Up to 2 Gbps Symmetrical (2,000 Mbps)


    Note: Up to 2 Gbps to the home; most individual devices can process up to 1 Gbps

  • Most Popular

    Power all your online activities on multiple devices. Recommended for most households. Unlimited data included. No throttling. No contracts.

    • Multi-Player Gaming
    • 8K, 4K & HD Streaming
    • Work From Home
    • Online Classes & Homework
    • Video Chatting
    • Email & Social Media
    • Smart Devices & Security

    Up to 1 Gbps Symmetrical (1,000 Mbps)


  • Smaller Households with Limited Devices

    Recommended for small households with limited devices that require additional bandwidth for activities such as gaming or working from home. Unlimited data included. No throttling. No contracts.

    • Gaming
    • 4K & HD Streaming
    • Work From Home
    • Online Classes & Homework
    • Video Chatting
    • Web Browsing
    • Email & Social Media
    • Smart Devices & Security

    Up to 500 Mbps Symmetrical


  • 300 Mbps - Smaller Households

    Recommended for small households with limited devices. Unlimited data included. No throttling. No contracts.

    • Streaming
    • Web Browsing
    • Email & Social Media

    Up to 300 Mbps Symmetrical


  • The Best WiFi Experience

    Enjoy uninterrupted surfing, streaming, and gaming throughout your home with powerful WiFi 6 technology. With our app, you can easily set parental controls, prioritize devices, and monitor activity. Automatic software updates and free periodic equipment upgrades help make your WiFi more reliable than ever.

    Managed WiFi


Rural Clearwater Fiber Internet Project Progress

Fiber internet is now live in parts of rural Clearwater! We are also bringing fiber to an additional 250 homes and businesses in rural Clearwater and Viola in 2023 & early 2024. The areas slated for expansion are on the map in purple.

Click on the map to see the status of each zone. Enter your address using the form at the top of the page to learn more about services available to you and to sign up.

Completed Projects

  • Rural Clearwater - North

    Homes & Businesses: ~140

    Completed: Spring 2023

  • Rural Clearwater - 95th Street

    Homes & Businesses: 18

    Completed: April 2022

  • Rural Clearwater - Dutch Hill Neighborhood

    Homes & Businesses: ~40

    Completed: December 2021

  • Clearwater - Town

    We first brought fiber to every home in the town of Clearwater in 2018. In the spring of 2023, we completed network upgrades to provide double the download speed with up to 2 Gbps to Clearwater and some rural areas. We also retooled our internet packages to offer a better value, including symmetrical speeds.

    Homes & Businesses: ~1,300

    Upgrade Completed: Spring 2023

Next-Gen Fixed Wireless

  • Filling the Gaps in Rural Areas

    Fiber hasn’t come to you just yet? This major technology upgrade for rural Clearwater and Viola fills a huge need for rural residents and businesses in the area. Customers can now access speeds up to 500 Mbps download and 125 Mbps upload! We’re talking 25x faster download and 125x faster upload than our existing DSL infrastructure. This is not the fixed wireless technology you’re used to. We’re consistently seeing 300-500 Mbps download and over 100 Mbps upload within 10 miles of the tower.

    Learn more

"I have been happy with our internet for years. Much improved since they ran fiber all over town. [Twin Valley] has the best customer service of any telecommunications company I have dealt with."

Sue Clearwater

*Two months free offer includes up to 2 Gbps symmetrical – the ultimate experience, or up to 1 Gbps symmetrical – our most popular option. After the promotional period ends, your bill will reflect the regular monthly rate. Prices do not include equipment lease, taxes, or fees.

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