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Office 365+

Microsoft Office 365 Plus For Business In Kansas From Twin Valley 1
Office 365+ in Kansas

Boost Productivity Like Never Before

Twin Valley’s Office 365+ is everything you know and love about Microsoft Office 365 for business, plus so much more. Companies in Kansas get the support it takes to manage day-to-day user administration while eliminating the worry of data loss, migration issues and misconfiguration. Additionally, you get an intelligent online learning platform to continuously improve the way your organization works.

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Why Choose Twin Valley

  • Way Beyond Microsoft

    Twin Valley’s Office 365+ is built on the world’s most powerful and integrated suite of tools that millions of businesses know and depend on – Microsoft Office, plus so much more.

    • End-to-end solution – migration, implementation, configuration, ongoing support and strategy​
    • Backup + end user adoption training tools​
    • Additional managed offerings to complement your solution
  • Stress-Free Email Migrations & Configuration

    Migrating your current email to Microsoft Office 365 and getting it configured properly can be stressful and time-consuming. Twin Valley’s Office 365+ makes the process completely painless.

    • Pro Service team that can handle complex migrations and implementations​
    • Broad array of engineering talent across the midwest
  • Support to Avoid the Administrative Nightmare

    Good IT resources are scarce – and hard to come by. So, don’t allow their time to be dominated by the day-to-day management that comes with managing users that need these tools.

    • 95.7% CSAT (industry average 74.6%)​
    • 67 Net Promoter score (industry average 41)​
    • First call resolution rate over 70%
  • Data Backup to Put Your Mind at Ease

    The misconception that Microsoft fully backs up your data on your behalf is quite common. Without a shift in mindset, it could have damaging repercussions when this responsibility is left unattended.

    • Up to 2TB of data backup of your Exchange, OneDrive and SharePoint data
  • Intelligent Learning Platform to Transform Your Organization

    Did you know the average company wastes 35% of its software spend? Avoid this with Twin Valley’s Office 365+ by leveraging the only learning solution that targets users who are hesitant to adopt new technologies.

    • On-demand library of searchable content
    • Proven solution to truly change the way organizations work

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