Twin Valley to Bring 8 Gbps Fiber to Haysville

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Junction City Fiber Project Expands to Residential Neighborhoods, More Businesses

May 25, 2022


Phase 2 Construction is Set to Begin in June

Twin Valley will begin bringing fiber internet service to Junction City’s 22,000 residents this year – with more than 500 residential homes and businesses slated for 2022, adding to the 300 businesses in the first phase of the project. Construction on Phase 2 is set to begin in June, and the company will roll out a new faster internet speed at 2 Gbps download and upload.

“Offering residential fiber internet service has been highly anticipated in Junction City, and we are excited to kick off the next phase of this project to include several neighborhoods. The support from local businesses along with our partnerships with the City, County and economic development groups have helped make this possible,” Twin Valley VP of Operations Scott Leitzel said.

While the FCC has defined broadband as a minimum speed of 25/3 Mbps, gigabit-capable fiber has become the industry’s gold standard as providers across the country work to create a scalable network capable of meeting future connectivity needs. Fiber internet outperforms any other broadband technology, reaching unmatched speeds with low lag time and sending data as fast as about 70% the speed of light.

Twin Valley’s symmetrical speeds, with up to 2 Gbps for both download and upload, give individuals and families the bandwidth to handle all their online activities without any slowdowns, including working from home, completing online coursework, streaming TV, online gaming, accessing telehealth, and more. Fiber gives businesses the bandwidth to quickly store and access information in the cloud, connect with remote employees and clients through video calls, maintain their online presence through websites and social media, and more.

Twin Valley offers simple pricing, and no contract is required for residential service. Unlimited data is included, and plans start under $50 for 300 Mbps symmetrical. Faster upload speeds are important for people who work or take online classes from home, enjoy online gaming, or upload files to the cloud.

“Part of our Pledge to our communities is to create the most reliable broadband network, with internet options at a value that beats our competitors,” Leitzel said. “We have found that providing higher symmetrical speeds at an affordable rate leads to happier, more satisfied customers.”

Twin Valley partners with federal and state government to provide financial assistance for internet service, including the Lifeline, Affordable Connectivity, and Kansas Emergency Rental Assistance programs. With Lifeline and ACP, Twin Valley residential customers can pay less than $11 for internet service before applicable taxes and fees.

The 2022 Junction City fiber project has been divided into four zones with a priority registration deadline for each. Residents who sign up by their zone’s priority deadline will receive their first two months of 1 Gbps or 2 Gbps internet service and Managed WiFi free. Residents and businesses outside of the 2022 build zones can influence which part of town Twin Valley builds to next by registering their address online or by phone. Areas of greatest demand will be prioritized for 2023.



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Priority Registration Deadline
June 24, 2022

Earliest Anticipated In-Service Date: Late July 2022


Priority Registration Deadline
july 15, 2022

Earliest Anticipated In-Service Date: Late August 2022


Priority Registration Deadline
August 15, 2022

Earliest Anticipated In-Service Date: Mid-September 2022


Priority Registration Deadline
September 15, 2022

Earliest Anticipated In-Service Date: Early November 2022

The increased demand for broadband and unprecedented federal funding for fiber expansion has led to supply chain issues in the industry. All dates are subject to change based upon the availability of equipment and fiber optic cable. Updates will be provided online at

In addition to fiber internet service, Twin Valley offers residential phone, streaming TV, and business services in its Connected Office suite, such as Hosted Voice phone systems, managed and professional IT services, and technology consulting. To learn more about the Junction City fiber project, follow along with progress, and inquire about service, visit For new service inquiries in Junction City, there is also a dedicated phone line available at 888.961.6144.

About Twin Valley & the History of the Junction City Fiber Expansion Project

As a part of the largest family-owned broadband and communications company in Kansas, Twin Valley harnesses nearly 75 years of technology expertise to better serve rural communities while staying true to its hometown values.

“We’re a local small-town business, and it’s important for us to support fellow rural businesses and families. We made a pledge to our communities to provide reliable connectivity at a far better value than other providers, and we are excited for Junction City to be the first to have access to 2 Gbps internet,” Twin Valley President & CEO Ben Foster said. “We share the same values as our customers, and that comes through in the way we provide great customer service and invest in both technology and outreach initiatives in the communities we serve.”

Broadband expansion to rural areas has long been a focus of Twin Valley. The company first deployed fiber to the home technology 14 years ago through the successful implementation of one of the largest loans awarded by the USDA, totaling $76 million. The pandemic has brought the issue of broadband accessibility and affordability to the forefront, and there is unprecedented opportunity to bridge the digital divide through public-private partnerships. In 2020, Twin Valley matched funding received through a Kansas Connectivity Emergency Response Grant (CERG) to extend its fiber network and deploy fixed wireless internet to six communities, including over 6,000 homes and businesses in rural Junction City.

While Twin Valley extended its fiber network closer to Junction City through the CERG program, the City of Junction City invested in a conduit system and fiber network to connect the city buildings, allowing for needed upgrades to the automatic metering system, the water plant, and the wastewater plant. These projects set the stage for further broadband expansion, creating the basic infrastructure needed to deploy fiber in the area and allowing Twin Valley to fast-track their timeline to connect Junction City businesses.

The Junction City and Geary County Economic Development Commission has said that broadband is one of the state’s greatest economic tools, stating that it will help existing businesses while serving as a powerful recruitment tool to bring other businesses, entrepreneurs, and industry to the area.

“The City of Junction City has been proud to partner with Twin Valley to bring needed communication infrastructure and technology to Junction City,” City Manager Allen Dinkel said. “This fiber optic network is a dream come true as we look at the most effective ways to support local economic development. Our hope is this relationship with Twin Valley will continue to expand and be a long-term benefit to the community.”