Employee Spotlight

Twin Valley Awards Employees at Annual Conference

March 11, 2024

Twin Valley Featured Image Oncetvfc Awardees

Pictured (L-R): (back row) Ben Foster, Matt Tatum, Jason Gibbs, Mark Petesch, Bill McVey; (front row) Shaley Johnson, Debbie Pauly, Linda Rausch, Darcie Nguyen.


Each year, Twin Valley and ISG Technology invite employees to attend OneTVFC – One Twin Valley Family of Companies, an annual conference to celebrate the past year’s achievements, highlight industry trends, and unite the team around goals for the coming year.

The two-day event was held in Overland Park this year and featured keynote speaker Erik Therwanger. Erik is a successful author and founder for the ThinkGREAT foundation, a veteran-owned company providing scholarships to military spouses and more. Erik spoke about leadership and sales, challenging the team to elevate to the next level. We were also visited by Voice of the Chiefs Mitch Holtus – a somewhat superstitious tradition leading up to the Super Bowl. Clearly Mitch + Twin Valley = Chiefs Super Bowl glory!

OneTVFC is also a time for employees to have fun together. From classic arcade and yard games to the intense rivalry in the Sunflower Showdown, this year’s entertainment made for a lively evening.

One of the last and possibly most important sessions is the People Awards. Twin Valley recognizes those who have made a significant impact on the organization over the course of the year, demonstrating the company’s core values. Top honors go to the Rookie of the Year, Leader of the Year, and President’s Club honorees – awarded to an elite group of individuals who have met the highest standards, achieved objectives, and continuously demonstrated core values.


Congratulations to the following employees who received an award at the 2024 OneTVFC conference for their hard work, stellar achievements, and dedication to the team.

Rookie of the Year – Mark Petesch, Field Marketing Representative
Mark started at Twin Valley in August and literally hit the ground running. From the start, Mark proved his core value match of leading by example, helping work an event on his very first day on the job. Within his first three months, he worked 10 community events and assisted in our internal customer management software transition. He has helped fuel our growth and continual improvement, helping hundreds of Junction City families discover Twin Valley fiber internet and establishing partnerships with numerous apartment complexes in the area.

Leader of the Year & President’s Club – Jason Gibbs, Director of Network Operations
In the past year, Jason has significantly expanded his responsibilities, demonstrating exceptional leadership by effectively working with his team to enhance and develop their skills. Together, they have upheld our Pledge of delivering the most reliable network, achieved through proactive monitoring and updates to software and hardware. Jason led a project to deploy the first 400 Gig backbone network in Kansas, showing his willingness to tackle new challenges and earning the company recognition for innovation and digital inclusion. Additionally, his openness to feedback reflects a genuine humility, ensuring his team feels valued.

President’s Club – Matt Tatum, Lead Service Technician
Matt was promoted to Lead Technician last year and has continued to serve customers while assuming his additional leadership responsibilities. He regularly goes above and beyond, showing he won’t ask the team to do anything he’s not willing to do himself. He consistently looks for opportunities to improve our processes and procedures. His attitude and leadership style center upon positive outcomes for our customers, which resonates with those around him. For example, he has been instrumental in training our north region technicians on our time management system, inventory processes and order completion tools. This has allowed us to operate more efficiently with better outcomes for our customers. Matt graduated from Junction City’s Greater than Leadership program last year, and has helped ensure our technicians have the certifications, tools, and skills needs to support their growth. He has done all this while also managing several key projects, including our fiber expansion project in rural Clearwater.

President’s Club – Debbie Pauly, Lead Technical Service Representative
Debbie was a key and central contributor to a successful conversion of our customer management system, requiring travel and time away from family for periods of time. She was the key expert throughout the process, including streamlining our service categorizations. This did not keep her from providing leadership and support to the Customer and Technical Service teams. She continually stepped outside of her comfort zone for the benefit of the customer, our team, and the company. She put the team first and led by example, being available and lending a hand whenever needed. She did all of this with a smile and great sense of humor that brightened up the workday.

President’s Club – Darcie Nguyen, Director of Accounting
Darcie went above and beyond the call of duty, working long hours much of the year to complete several projects. She led the consolidation of payroll systems during the company merger while also implementing a new time management software. She also led the implementation of our new finance software, allowing us to track financial performance in a consistent manner across our entire footprint. Darcie played a significant role in other projects, including a software implementation for our sister company, ISG, the rollout of our new company credit card system, and the new customer management software set up last year.

President’s Club – Linda Rausch, Billing & Accounting Clerk
Linda has been a key part of our Customer Service team, especially in the last year. She spent many days providing one-on-one training to our customer service representatives leading up to our customer management software conversion. This allowed our representative to feel more confident in using the new system. On top of that, she helped move customers to new bundles, providing additional savings, and did a considerable amount of account cleanup to make the transition as smooth as possible. Linda moved into her new role as the Billing & Accounting Clerk but continued to support the Customer Service team well past the system conversion, which made a real difference in the transition for both our staff and customers. She has become an expert in our customer management and billing processes, contributing to our continued improvement and providing customers with a great experience.

President’s Club – Shellee Frederick, Hosted Voice Operations Specialist
Shellee has been instrumental in achieving another record-setting year in hosted voice services in 2023. She served as the key point of contact, managing all our hosted voice installations, including 1,655 sets installed and more than two dozen cloud fax and cloud recording installations. She continued leading end-user training for all installations while streamlining the training to focus on core use cases, resulting in a better customer experience and reduced follow-up questions for installs. She also developed standard deployment processes for our cloud fax and cloud recording services to document best practices. Shellee has never hesitated to jump in and help the team with physical installations for several customers. She has helped deliver our best hosted voice performance for the second year in a row.

President’s Club – Shaley Johnson, Marketing Operations Manager
Shaley helped develop and improve our build prioritization model, allowing us to accelerate our expansion investments and provide faster internet to areas in need. She has led the charge in tracking and analyzing customer satisfaction, allowing our teams to act where needed. Shaley also development an internal scorecard system to track our project progress and helped discover pain points in our internal processes. This scorecard became the primary tool used to facilitate the collaboration between all the working parts of our fiber expansion projects. Moreover, Shaley became our subject matter expert for our new Mobile service offered late 2023. This resulted in a successful launch and allowed Twin Valley to become the first company in the nation to enroll and sign-up customers on the new Mobile service offering from our partners at NRTC. Because of this, Shaley has been invited to represent Twin Valley as a Mobile expert at an upcoming speaking engagement.

Congratulations to the awardees. We appreciate everything you do for Twin Valley and value your contribution to your roles, your team and the communities we serve.