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Take Command of Your Entire Connected Home

June 30, 2021

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Remotely control the connected devices on your network with CommandIQ, the stunning new version of SKT’s Managed Wi-Fi mobile app. Delivering a seamless experience, CommandIQ helps you ensure that your home network runs smoothly. With it, you can quickly and easily customize your settings and preferences across devices, applications, and rooms to deliver an exceptional Wi-Fi experience for every person in your home. Take charge – and take your home network performance and control to another level. In a few simple clicks, easily navigate the CommandIQ App to:

  • Control every aspect of your connected home
  • View and assign connected devices to profiles, places and/or priority networks
  • My Network: Complete view of the home – network, equipment, services, and overall usage
    • People: Select people to create household profiles and set controls – Mary, James, Ryan, Jamie, Lindsay, etc.
    • Places: Create places to group devices within a location in the home – Home Office, Living Room, etc.
    • Things: View connected devices and network usage of each device – Jamie’s Router, Fitbit, Family Computer, Roku, Apple Watch, Mary’s Laptop, etc.
  • Manage household profiles, set parental controls and advanced security options; enable and disable applications
  • Run bandwidth tests to monitor network performance; prioritize network traffic
  • Set up a guest Wi-Fi network – it’s never been easier
  • Change your SSID, password, and more
  • In addition to creating a guest network(s), using the CommandIQ App, you can now add devices to a work-from-home or custom wireless network. These newly-added options provide maximum flexibility to assign devices to the wireless network that best matches your prioritization preference.

CommandIQ is available for iOS at the App Store and for Android devices at Google Play. For the ultimate in user experience (UX) and user interface (UI) – plus added value to your SKT Managed Wi-Fi, download this free app here.

For more information about CommandIQ, or any questions, contact a helpful and knowledgeable SKT Customer Service Representative at 888.758.8976.

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