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Stay Connected at the Pool with SKT’s Free Wi-Fi

June 2, 2022

What would you consider as the first signs of summer? Perhaps, it’s the sounds of neighbors outside mowing their grass, or the smell of irises, freesias and peonies in bloom. Could be state softball playoffs, longer days and warmer weather.

While these answers may ring true for many of us, ask a young person the same question and chances are they are likely to answer in one of two ways … “when school’s out” or “when the swimming pool opens.” Of course, they are on to something too! Of course, Kansas skies have been dumping quite a bit of rain lately, but we’re looking forward to many warm, beautiful, summer days ahead. And what better way to cool off than at the local swimming pool?

SKT has six public swimming pools within its service area. As in past years, SKT is pleased to provide FREE Wi-Fi at the pools all summer long. No password is required. So, look for SKT’s banners at the Belle Plaine, Burden, Cedar Vale, Dexter, and Howard pools as well as the Clearwater Aquatic Center. SKT will continue providing the best internet experience possible to our valued customers – even at the pool.

What do city officials, parents and kids think about it? Cedar Vale Pool Manager and teacher, Candi Campbell puts it this way, “parents and kids all think it’s awesome having free Wi-Fi at the pool.” She added, “the kids can’t stay off their phones! And I will definitely be using it, lol. It is wonderful for sure.”

Belle Plaine Pool Manager Brad Haas adds, “it’s an added benefit to our community for sure. Many of our kids don’t have unlimited data plans on their cell phones so having access to free Wi-Fi gives them the opportunity to talk or message friends as long as they want to. Having Wi-Fi at the pool also means parents can contact their kids too and make sure they’re here, or kids can contact someone if they need a ride somewhere.”

“It’s interesting too because sometimes when I’m here, some of the middle and high school kids will come to the pool just to use the Wi-Fi,” Brad continued. “And I see parents and grandparents outside the pool on their phones or tablets taking advantage of it too.”

Howard Community Pool after renovations.

Exciting things are happening with two of the community pools. The Howard Community Pool, which was closed for the majority of 2021 for renovations, has reopened and many local businesses and individuals are sponsoring free swim nights. Swim lessons are also being planned with dates still to be determined.

The City of Dexter’s community pool is updating a portion of the pool deck this summer too. The update replaces the indoor/outdoor textured carpet with a long-lasting concrete coating which endures heavy use and is not hot to the touch, making it ideal when walking barefoot. City of Dexter Mayor Steve Joyce says he appreciates SKT’s sponsorship, because the free Wi-Fi enhances the experience at the pool.

“A big thank you to SKT for providing free Wi-Fi at the Dexter Pool for several years now at no charge,” Mayor Joyce said. “It allows our guests to “connect” if they need to while enjoying the pool. More importantly, it allows our pool to stream internet music for the kids during the day. As everyone knows, Dexter sits in the “Valley” and radio reception sometimes can be non-existent. The pool will open the first week of June and remain open through Labor Day weekend as long as the weather cooperates. Again, thank you SKT!”

Here’s to a great summer break and to keeping our connections strong. Following are the hours of operation and other helpful information to know:

Skt Article June 2022 Listing Belle Plaine Pool Skt Free Wifi

Belle Plaine Municipal Pool

102 E. Third, Belle Plaine, Kansas

Hours: 1-4:30 p.m. and 6-9 p.m. Monday through Friday; 1-6 p.m. Saturday and Sunday

Admission: $2.00/Day; Children 5 and under Free; Discounted Pool Passes and Punch Cards are available at the pool.

Swimming lessons planned for July 11-15. More information on lessons available at the pool.

Skt News Article May 2021 Image Listing Large Burden Pool

Burden Muncipal Pool

501 W 4th St, Burden, KS

Hours: 1-8 p.m. Monday through Friday; 1-6 p.m. Saturday and Sunday

Admission: $2.00/Day; Children 5 and under Free; Discounted Pool Passes and Punch Cards are available at the pool.

Dates to be determined for swim lessons. Contact the pool manager for sign-up information.

Private pool party rental is $50/night for 30 people or less, $1.50 per person over, scheduled for outside of normal operating hours, no alcoholic beverages.

2022 06 Skt Event June 2022 Free Wifi Cedar Vale Pool

Cedar Vale Pool

103 Sale Barn Rd., Cedar Vale, Kansas

Hours: 3-5 p.m. on Monday, Wednesday, and Friday

Admission: $1.00/Day for ages 5-10; $2.00/Day for ages 11-17; $3.00/Day for ages 18+

Adult Aerobics: 5 p.m. weekday evenings; pool rental available

Skt News Article Month 2020 Image Listing Large Clearwater Pool

Clearwater Aquatic Center

145 N. 4th, Clearwater, Kansas

Hours: 1-6 p.m. Daily; Twilight Swim 6-8 p.m. Fridays

Admission: $3.50/afternoon session; Children 2 and under are free; $1.00/twilight swim; Discounted Pool Memberships and Punch Cards are available at the pool or Clearwater City Hall.

Dates to be determined for swim lessons; contact the pool manager.

Pool rental is $200 on Saturday and Sunday evenings. $2 per person additional over 100 people.

Clearwater Aquatic Center’s Annual Fourth of July celebration features fun pool activities with standard admission.

Contact Clearwater City Hall at 620.584.2311 to schedule a party or to sign up for lessons.

Skt News Article Month 2020 Image Listing Large Dexter Pool

Dexter Community Pool

110 E. School St., Dexter, Kansas

Hours: 1-7 p.m. Daily

Admission: $1.50/Day; Children 4 and under Free; Discounted Pool Passes available at the pool.

Swim lessons may become available. Please check with the pool. Pool party rental is available.

Skt Article June 2022 Skt Free Wifi Howard Pool

Howard City Pool

541 South Pennsylvania, Howard, KS

Hours: 1-6 p.m. most days

Admission: $1.50/Day; Children 4 and under Free; Discounted Pool Passes available at the pool.

Swim lessons will be June 27-July 8. Contact the pool manager for sign-up information.

Pool party rental is available.

July 4th – open 1-4 p.m.