SKT is Now Twin Valley

May 19, 2023

Twin Valley Featured Image Skt Rural Internet Rebrand

In April 2021, SKT was acquired by Twin Valley, bringing together the two largest family-owned broadband and communications companies in Kansas. The companies have each served rural Kansas since the 1940s, with SKT headquartered in Clearwater and Twin Valley headquartered in the rural north central Kansas community of Miltonvale. 

Since then, the companies have continued to operate under their respective names, while reorganizing as one team. SKT managers  and other employees have taken key leadership roles under this new structure. 

Through this transition, we’ve found that our values align. We are resilient and hard working. We are innovative and committed to being better than we were yesterday. We lead by example and support each other. And through it all, we love what we do. We feel like one team, and it’s time that our brand reflects that. 

Understandably, you probably have a lot of questions about what this means for you and your community. Please rest assured that this is simply a fresh new look and name change to help us operate more efficiently as one team and is otherwise business as usual. There have been rumors started by our competitors, and we want to be clear — we are not going anywhere. 

Our goal is to be your lifelong broadband and communications provider, and we are committed to serving rural Kansas families and communities. We pledge to provide:

Our Pledge to Our Customers

Our goal is to be your lifelong broadband and communications provider. To earn your business, we’ve made a pledge to you, as well as your friends and neighbors in the many communities we serve.

  • Reliable Network

    Providing the most reliable broadband network

  • Best Value

    Improving access to high-quality service at affordable prices

  • Customer Service

    Bringing our hometown values and work ethic to every customer interaction

  • Community Outreach

    Supporting our communities with meaningful outreach initiatives and statewide digital inclusion efforts

Over the last two years, we have prioritized improving our network, offering the best value, caring for our customers, and supporting meaningful community outreach initiatives. Continue reading for more information on where we’ve been and what you can expect as we make this transition, which will be complete later this year.

“We have some of the brightest minds in the industry dedicated to serving you, and I’m proud of the dynamic team we have built. With our combined resources, you can expect continuous improvement of the customer experience, innovative technology advancements, and a more robust suite of products and services.”

Ben Foster President & CEO

Leveling Up on Our Pledge to You

Twin Valley acquired SKT in April 2021, and together we have created a more reliable network, offered a better value for internet service, improved our customer experience, and continued to support our communities. The transition from SKT to the Twin Valley brand will be done over the coming months and complete this fall.  

  • SKT Employees Take New Leadership Roles

    We already knew we had a stellar team at SKT, and turns out, Twin Valley has an awesome team too! With an average 18-year tenure, the following “SKT originals” have taken on new leadership roles since the acquisition: 

  • Bill McVey Twin Valley Leadership

    Bill McVey

    Chief Operations Officer

  • Donna Van Allen Twin Valley Leadership

    Donna Van Allen

    Executive Director of Customer Service

  • Jason Gibbs Twin Valley Leadership

    Jason Gibbs

    Director of Network Operations

  • Megan Harper Twin Valley Leadership

    Megan Harper

    Director of Marketing & Sales

  • Todd Dannenberg Twin Valley Leadership

    Todd Dannenberg

    Installation & Repair Manager

  • Debbie Pauly Twin Valley Leadership

    Debbie Pauly

    Customer Service Lead

  • Cole Richardson Twin Valley Leadership

    Cole Richardson

    Construction Coordinator

  • Matt Tatum Twin Valley Leadership

    Matt Tatum

    Lead Service Technician

  • Network Upgrades Bring Up to 2 Gig Internet to 1,800+ Homes & Businesses

    We’re now offering up to 2 Gbps fiber – some of the fastest speeds in the nation – in Rosalia and the Clearwater area. That includes rural parts of Clearwater, Wichita and Haysville. We also added gigabit service in 15 other communities.  

  • Launched New Next-Gen Tech in Rural Clearwater & Viola with up to 500 Mbps

    We just connected the first homes to new next-gen fixed wireless technology that allows us to offer up to 500 Mbps download and 125 Mbps upload in the most rural areas of Clearwater and Viola. It’s so much faster than DSL, you might just pee your pants from excitement. This upgrade will allow rural residents to work from home, stream TV, game and more without being plagued by buffering and lag. Watch for news on additional towers to replace our rural DSL infrastructure!

  • Made Sweeping Changes to Internet Packages to Offer the Best Value

    We have revised internet packages and pricing across every SKT service area to offer the best value and more affordable service options. Did we mention we still don’t charge for data usage? Woot!

  • Began Offering Free Internet

    Customers who qualify for the federal Affordable Connectivity Program (ACP) automatically qualify for our free internet program, which provides the entry-level internet plan of at least 100 Mbps symmetrical service, where available. Did we say FREE? We sure did. As in zero dollars. 

  • A Program for Wounded Veterans

    With partner CoBank and the No Barriers program, we are providing an opportunity for veterans with disabilities to overcome barriers, tackle challenges, and build a network of support.

  • Sponsoring Community Grants

    With our partner Foundation for Rural Service (FRS), we are offering grants up to $5,000, supporting our local communities and helping build and sustain a high quality of life in rural Kansas. 

What to Expect

  • Will you continue to serve my community? 

    Yes! We have served rural Kansas for over 80 years, and we’re not going anywhere. We are committed to serving you and continuously improving to provide you the best possible experience. 


  • Will I become just a number to Twin Valley like the big corporate providers?

    No way! We’re still your neighbor, and we’ll continue to provide the local hometown customer service you’ve come to expect. In fact, we’re actively working on improving our customer experience to raise the bar even higher. 

  • Am I going to have to navigate a maze of phone prompts, wait on hold for hours, or repeat “customer service” over and over before talking to a real live human?

    Oof, that sounds horrible. You must be confusing us with other companies that rhyme with Fox and Farlink. On average, customers wait less than 30 seconds to speak with a local customer service representative. We typically resolve any service issues within one business day. And we offer other convenient options to talk to us like online chat, forms and texting. 

  • Will bill payment options change?

    In the short term, no. We are in the process of moving Twin Valley to the same operations and billing system that SKT currently uses. All payment options, including automatic payments and who you make your check out to, will remain the same until the billing conversion is complete later this year. We will communicate any necessary changes as the conversion gets closer to completion, which is slated for this fall. 

  • Will your Clearwater office remain open?

    Yes! We will continue to operate out of our office at 112 S. Lee in Clearwater. 

  • Do you still have local employees?

    We sure do! We continue to employ about 30 people in southern Kansas, including our technical and customer service teams in Clearwater and technicians in Belle Plaine, Burden, Clearwater and Howard. We’re local to better serve you. But, let’s be real, we have to stay close by because some of our competitors are cutting who knows how many water/sewer/fiber/gas lines… If you know, you know *cough* Clearwater *cough* Belle Plaine. 

  • Are you hiring?

    Not to toot our own horn, but toot! toot! We recently won awards for all-around Best Places to Work and Business of the Year for creating a positive workplace for women. We have plaques and everything! Review our open positions and submit your application on our website. 

  • Will you continue to be involved in my community and support local causes?

    Absolutely! We get super jazzed about supporting meaningful community outreach initiatives – it’s part of our Pledge to you! We have continued to support everything from community events and After Prom to youth programs and free internet for local organizations. We’ve also added a free internet program for low-income households, scholarships, a wounded veteran program, and community grants. Learn more here

  • How do I access my SKTC email?

    Visit our My Account page. Be sure to scroll down to the Southern Kansas Customers section to access all the SKT links.

  • How do I access my SKT voicemail?

    Visit our My Account page. Be sure to scroll down to the Southern Kansas Customers section to access all the SKT links.

  • How do I access my online account?

    Visit our My Account page. Be sure to scroll down to the Southern Kansas Customers section to access all the SKT links. We will consolidate the links this fall after launching our new operations and billing software.

  • How do I pay my bill online?

    Visit our My Account page. Be sure to scroll down to the Southern Kansas Customers section to access all the SKT links. We will consolidate the links this fall after launching our new operations and billing software.