Employee Spotlight

Positive Attitude & Commitment to Customer Service Key for Technician’s New Role

August 19, 2022

Skt News Article August 2022 Featured Image Kody Gregory

Hired as a construction technician just six years ago, Kody Gregory has been a valuable contributor to the Twin Valley team from very early on. His positive attitude, work ethic and commitment to customers earned him a promotion to Hosted Voice Technician and, more recently, to the role of Construction Coordinator for Twin Valley and SKT. In his new role, Kody has been actively involved in the Junction City expansion project to bring fiber internet services to residential neighborhoods. He also coordinates with contractors to bury fiber lines and can be found working alongside other service techs helping where he’s needed.

“Kody has years of hands-on outside plant (OSP) construction experience which made him the perfect fit for his role as Construction Coordinator,” shared Todd Dannenberg, Installation & Repair Manager.  “He is an extremely fast learner and has done an incredible job learning all parts of the job that are new to him.  He brings a ton of value overseeing our construction contractors, construction quality control, fiber splicing and public utility coordination among many other things.”

7 Questions with Kody

Congrats on your new role with the company. Please tell me about that role and how your role has changed since joining the company?
I joined Twin Valley as a Construction Technician in 2016, and I gained a lot of experience splicing fiber and burying fiber optic cable to homes and businesses. I was just promoted to Construction Coordinator, and my role has shifted from doing the construction myself to managing contractors. I’m not burying lines anymore, but in a lot of ways, many of my responsibilities are the same as my previous position. The biggest change is that now I coordinate with contractors to have the work done and follow up to make sure our projects are on schedule.

How has your previous construction experience been helpful to you in this new role?
My previous construction experience has been helpful in many ways with splicing fiber and troubleshooting. If we are having difficulties, I have a good idea where to look.

Tell us about your family and some of the activities you enjoy doing together?
I’ve been married to my wife, Lacey, for five years. We have two children. Our daughter Kinley is 8 and our son Axtyn is 4. We have fun being outdoors together in general and enjoy watching Kinley play softball.

What does the ideal vacation look like and who would you take with you?
When the kids are a little older, I’d like to take the family to Colorado hiking and skiing.

What’s your favorite holiday?
Christmas. It’s great just being around all the family and watching the kids open presents.

What do you enjoy doing for fun?
Fishing and hunting or just being around friends and family in the outdoors and the memories you make.

What sports do you enjoy and what teams do you follow?
I enjoy football and basketball and am a Kansas Jayhawks and Pittsburgh Steelers fan. My mom is from Pittsburgh and we still have family there so I’ve been watching the Steelers ever since I was little.