How to Optimize Your Wi-Fi Network for Whole-Home Coverage

October 29, 2020

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Few things can be more frustrating than a weak Wi-Fi signal! Without a fast and reliable internet connection combined with a quality Wi-Fi network, you’re waiting for a website to load on your laptop; you’re fidgeting while videos freeze on your tablet; you’re staring in despair as email inboxes or social media feeds struggle to refresh on your smartphone; you’re wanting to relax at the end of a long day by streaming your favorite show. It SHOULD be simple, but if there’s constant buffering – forget it! Your blood pressure is rising ….

The first thing to remember is that your online woes may not have anything to do with the quality of your internet connection, which is separate from your Wi-Fi network. Let’s take a look at a few things to consider if you’re experiencing any of these frustrations.

Power Cycling

First, try power cycling your equipment. Sometimes it’s as simple as unplugging everything and plugging it back in to reset your modem and router.


How to Power Cycle


Next, consider if you have enough bandwidth or contact SKT’s customer service for help determining the right bandwidth for your household or business. To understand bandwidth, watch the video below.

Skt Lp Video Image Bandwidth

What is Bandwidth?


Evaluate your router, considering the quality, age, and location in your home. Remember, at the center of a traditional Wi-Fi network is the router. It broadcasts the wireless signal to which your devices connect. A “router,” as its name suggests seamlessly routes internet traffic between a connected modem and all your Wi-Fi-enabled gadgets. Most people don’t even think about their routers, unless the signal goes down! Not all routers are created equal and may not be able to handle your internet bandwidth or devices. It should be located centrally in your home and replaced about every three years.

Speed Test

Try running a speed test. Follow the steps at the link below and be sure to review our Speed Test Tips before getting started.

Lease a Router

Hidden Issues

If everything checks out okay so far – there could be other culprits causing signal interference or dead zones: thick walls, a brick fireplace, your refrigerator, microwave, your neighbor’s Wi-Fi signal, or even a large fish tank. Distance from your router can also be an issue – especially if you have a larger house; you may be lacking a strong signal in a far corner of your basement or in an upstairs room. In addition, if you need Wi-Fi coverage to your detached garage, potting shed, backyard, or poolside, that distance must be met.

How to Run a Speed Test

SKT Managed Wi-Fi & Mesh Extender

If you find that your router needs to be replaced and want a maintenance-free option without the upfront expense, ask about SKT’s Managed Wi-Fi router lease program. A Wi-Fi “booster” may be just the solution for dead zones due to interference or for covering distance. They extend your Wi-Fi network coverage space by boosting or amplifying your existing signal, enabling all wireless devices within that expanded coverage space to connect to the internet. Although repeaters and extenders can do this job, they have drawbacks, including using some of the precious bandwidth themselves, or requiring connection to a different network depending on where you are. We have found that mesh Wi-Fi is the most efficient and convenient way to ensure a strong signal everywhere you want it.

SKT offers the Mesh Wi-Fi Extender. In combination with SKT’s Managed Wi-Fi Router, the Mesh is a small wireless device (called a satellite) which can be placed in different rooms or areas inside your home or a nearby structure like a detached garage. It communicates seamlessly with your router, blanketing your home, and extending to those hard-to-reach areas with a strong Wi-Fi signal. You can roam freely and securely with any of your devices and not have to worry about losing your connection or dealing with poor performance such as slow loading, slow refreshing, or that dreaded buffering.

SKT customers, the Pike family of Clearwater, have had a Mesh Wi-Fi Extender since March and are absolutely “one-hundred-percent happy” with it. Maranda Pike explains, “My husband and I were both working from home at the time, and all five of our children were schooling from home. It was right when all-things COVID happened.” With parents Skyping or Zooming and five children on iPads or Chromebooks, it was hard to gauge when everyone would be on some sort of audio/video platform – and all at the same time! The Pikes initially increased their internet speed, tried a plug-in Wi-Fi extender from Amazon (which didn’t do the job), and did some troubleshooting with an SKT customer service representative. An SKT technician came to their house to investigate the lagging they were still experiencing and recommended an SKT Mesh Wi-Fi Extender, advising them on the best location. Pike says, “After we found the optimal place for it, we haven’t had any problems.” The Pikes have their Mesh Wi-Fi Extender in the basement where two of the children are set up at their desks. Pike adds, “We have two large televisions downstairs too, so it wasn’t just for school or just for work – it was just something to keep our family functional. It’s made the last several months a whole lot easier.”

Give SKT a call at 888.758.8976 for a free internet speed and Wi-Fi network review. Learn more about our very popular Managed Wi-Fi Router and Mesh Wi-Fi Extender options. Life is too short for bad Wi-Fi. So, what are you waiting for?