Michielle Doll Wins 2021 Southeast Kansas Area Photo Contest

November 20, 2020

Skt News Article November 2020 Featured Image Michielle Doll

“When Water Meets the Sky” is the title of the extraordinary photo that won first place in SKT’s 2021 Southeast Kansas Area Telephone Directory Photo Contest. Michielle Doll of Burden, Kan., describes the moments leading up to her capturing a beautiful moment in time:   

This photo was taken from my backyard that sits right by a pond. Our kitchen door sits 25ft from the edge of the water!  It was in October of last year. I was doing laundry and happened to look out. There was some color as the sun was going down but nothing spectacular. A short while later, I walked into the kitchen and looked out and ran to grab my camera…I mean my phone!  The water was perfectly still, and the colors were mindboggling. I stood in the yard and took photo after photo as the sun set. The brilliance of the sky touching the water made me feel fortunate to have been home that evening. I had a few pretty nice shots of the sunset but it was easy to pick the brightest that showed the most colors. Hopefully, I’ll see more beautiful Kansas sunsets like that this October!  

Jane Fry of Elk Falls, Kan., won second place in the contest with her image of a very old truck in the snow which she humorously captioned, “A Cold Ride.”

Winning third place this year was Denise Liebau of Grenola, Kan., with her photo entitled, “Keeper of the Flint Hills,” depicting a sturdy and determined-looking bull set in a moody orientation.  

Nearly 30 photos were submitted this year by SKT customers in the Atlanta, Beaumont, Burden, Cambridge, Dexter, Elk Falls, Grenola, Latham, Longton, Piedmont, Reece, and Rosalia, Kan., areas. Enjoy!