How-To: Updating Hosted Voice Speed-Dial Numbers (FCC 10-Digit Requirement)

May 31, 2022

10 Dig Dialing

With the change to 10-digit dialing effective 05.31.2022, you might want to update your desktop phone’s quick keys to use 10 digits. Here’s how!

Log into Comportal using Google Chrome
Number is your pseudonumber or DID.

Scroll to the bottom to find and select “devices

Click on “set keys

Select the phone you wish to make edits to by clicking “edit

Expand the “Programmable Keys-Line” to pop open the speed dial functions for each key. Then Expand any key line to edit it.

Edit the number as you would have to dial it from your phone, adding the prefix (ex: 785) for any local calls. If your phone needed an “8” before the 7-digit number, it still needs dialed first before the 785.

Once complete, click “save changes” at the bottom-right. Close the pop-out window when finished.

Reboot the phone for your changes to take effect:

  • Polycom Phones: Press and hold the 1, 0 and 3 simultaneously until the phone resets
  • Yealink Phones: on the phone, navigate to Menu — Basic — Reboot

We hope this helps, happy dialing!