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Play It Safe: Why Get a Home Security System?

March 25, 2024

Twin Valley Home Security March 2024

Your home is your safe space, and we want to keep it that way. And, in the new age of smart living, having a home security system is more than a passing trend—it’s a smart move. Our team at Twin Valley stays up to date on the latest internet and home technology advancements to help customers get the most out of their WiFi and is detailing why you need a smart home security system. Keep reading to learn more about the peace of mind that connected cameras provide!


Ward Off Intruders

Studies have shown that the mere presence of home security systems can help decrease robberies. Not only do home security systems protect you by offering live 4k, full HD video and activity alerts, but visible signs of a security system are likely to deter burglars and unwanted intruders.

Did you know? According to a study by the University of North Carolina at Charlotte, nearly 83 percent of convicted burglars try to determine if a home has some security or alarm system before breaking in. Of that 83 percent, 60 percent stated they would find an alternative target.


Enjoy Quick Response Times

Home security systems play a crucial role in facilitating quick response times. Most home security systems include alarms that trigger immediately upon detecting a security breach, such as a door or window being opened without authorization. Monitoring personnel can contact local law enforcement, fire departments, or medical services if an emergency is confirmed, ensuring the quickest response. At the same time, homeowners will receive real-time alerts on their mobile devices, allowing for immediate action, even if they’re away from their property.


Maintain Peace of Mind

Imagine leaving for a vacation without worrying whether you locked the front door or closed the garage. A home security system fully equipped with video and two-way audio allows you to rest easy, knowing you can receive alerts that matter and react fast. With video watch history, you can review 30 days of previous video footage, save clips, and share videos with others. Not to mention the convenience of 24/7 support, whether on the phone or through an online chat. Gone are the days of worrying about your home; it’s time to work smarter!

Get Started With Arlo Home Security

Twin Valley is bringing the award-winning Arlo Home Security System to customers in 2023! Get the most out of your WiFi, answer the door from anywhere and stay connected to your home with live video and audio.

  • Live Video & Audio
  • Object Detection
  • 24/7 Support

How It Works

  1. System Selection
    Twin Valley will help you determine the best home security solution for your home and schedule installation.
  2. Installation
    Twin Valley technicians will come to your home and set up your system, including the Arlo Secure App. There are no upfront camera costs!
  3. Always-On Connectivity
    Arlo Home Security from Twin Valley is supported 24/7 by Twin Valley to ensure connectivity and performance.
  4. Ongoing Security
    With cameras guarding every room and entry point, you will have ultimate whole-home visibility.

Ready to Get Started?

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