Free Wi-Fi Hotspot Drive-Up Locations for Students Now Live

March 23, 2020

As your hometown telecommunications provider, we want to assure you that we are looking into ways that we can further support the communities and families in our service area during this difficult time. Since the news broke that the schools we serve will be closed for the remainder of the semester, we have been working on ways to help students have access to an Internet connection, regardless of financial status.

We have been in communication with the nine school districts in our service area, and one way we are helping is by coordinating efforts to set up free Wi-Fi hotspots for students to use for their schoolwork. We ask that the community reserve these connections for this purpose so the students have the bandwidth they need to continue their education.

You can find a free Wi-Fi hotspot drive-up location near you, listed below.

Parents, we encourage you to practice social distancing while you are using these connections. Stay in your car or, as the weather improves, keep at least 6 feet between you and other families if you choose to sit outside.

During this unprecedented situation, we will continue to keep you and our employees at the center of our planning and decision-making.

Free Wi-Fi Locations for Students

New Sites Added! School locations are password protected. At all other locations, connect to SKTWiFi and there is no password required.

  • Atlanta, Kansas

    SKT Building
    Located south of Main & Omnia

  • Beaumont, Kansas

    SKT Building
    Located at Main & 114th Terrace

  • Belle Plaine, Kansas

    Belle Plaine City Pool
    Located at Main & 3rd

    Belle Plaine Community Center
    Located at 6th & Merchant

    Belle Plaine Public Library
    Located west of Merchant & 5th

  • Burden, Kansas

    SKT Warehouse
    Located at North of Walton & Main

  • Cambridge, Kansas

    SKT Building
    Located at Main & Pearl

  • Cedar Vale, Kansas

    Cedar Vale Memorial Library
    Located at Cedar & Monroe

    Cedar Vale Swimming Pool
    Located south of Sale Barn & River

  • Clearwater, Kansas

    Clearwater Intermediate-Middle School Parking Lot
    Located east of 4th & Kansas

    SKT Building
    Located north of Gorin & Ross

  • Dexter, Kansas

    SKT Building
    Located near Central & Main

  • Elk Falls, Kansas

    SKT Building
    Located south of Montgomery & 7th

  • Grenola, Kansas

    SKT Building
    Located south of Maple & Main

  • Howard, Kansas

    Howard City Cox Building
    Located north of Washington & Wabash

  • Latham, Kansas

    SKT Building
    Located east of Cherry & Blaine

  • Leon, Kansas

    Leon City Building
    Located south of Mechanic & Main

  • Longton, Kansas

    SKT Building
    Located west of 4th & Kansas

  • Moline, Kansas

    Moline Library
    Located north of First & Main

  • Peck, Kansas

    Boudreux’s Burger Barn
    Located at West 119th St. S. & Meridian

  • Piedmont, Kansas

    SKT Building
    Located west of Walnut & Main

  • Reece, Kansas

    SKT Building
    Located at Greenwood & Main

  • Rosalia, Kansas

    SKT Building
    Located at 6th & Lydia

  • Severy, Kansas

    Severy City Building
    Located at Kansas & Main

  • Viola, Kansas

    SKT Building
    Located near Main & Park