Twin Valley to Bring 8 Gbps Fiber to Haysville

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Go for Gigabits: Why Fiber Internet Is Revolutionary for Content Creators

April 15, 2024

Twin Valley Go For Gigabits April 2024

Are you a digital creator looking to grow your audience? Or maybe you’re interested in launching a new side hustle online? Whatever the case, whether you’re an avid Twitch streamer, YouTube vlogger, or content creator on TikTok, one thing’s for certain. You don’t have time for an internet connection that slows you down. With Twin Valley’s fiber internet, you can enjoy unmatched speeds, improved connectivity, a more reliable network, and symmetrical upload and download speeds. Don’t settle for slow speeds—find out why more content creators are opting for fiber internet!


How Fast Is Fiber?

Faster doesn’t always mean better, but it does when it comes to upload and download speeds. With fiber, you’re not just receiving faster speeds, but your download and upload speeds are symmetrical! This means you can enjoy up to 8 Gbps of upload and download speeds, making it just as quick to upload a new TikTok video as it would be to download a report of your YouTube analytics.


Benefits for Creators

Livestreaming platforms like Twitch and Youtube have specific bandwidth requirements for users, causing creators to think twice before committing to an internet plan. While Twitch recommends a minimum of 6 Mbps to stream in 1080p full HD at 60 frames per second (fps), it’s important to understand this is considered the minimum upload speed just for streaming. Gaming, chatting with your subscribers, or running multiple applications at the same time will all take up additional bandwidth, not to mention what others in your household are using the internet for! Don’t sacrifice by streaming with a lower quality than necessary; let fiber internet lead the way!

Surpass Upload Requirements

Content creators are some of the greatest contributors to the internet, meaning upload speeds are just as important as download speeds. With a fiber connection, you will easily surpass the upload requirements for your favorite streaming platforms, even if other people in your household are streaming at the same time.

Collaborate With Ease

Fiber internet’s lightning-fast speeds allow you to collaborate with fellow content creators, streamers, video editors, and more, ensuring you don’t have to wait hours for files to transfer. Send files in a matter of minutes!

Save Yourself Extra Time

Not only can creators benefit from increased bandwidth and easily surpass upload requirements, but you can save a significant amount of extra time by utilizing fiber’s maximum speeds. Good news for rural Kansans—Twin Valley offers a mix of fiber-to-the-home and fiber-fed Next-Generation Fixed Wireless technology that provides the speed (up to 500 Mbps) and reliability needed for uploading videos within minutes!

Let’s see a real-world example!

If you’re uploading a 20-minute video filmed in 1080p at 60 fps using the H.264 codec, your final video will be about 31 GB. With a standard 10 Mbps DSL connection, your video will take over seven and a half hours to upload, compared to the four and a half minutes it will take to upload with a 1 Gbps fiber connection!


Get Twin Valley’s Fiber Internet

Are you ready to create content, collaborate with fellow streamers, and upload within minutes? Try Twin Valley’s fiber internet! Our broadband technology is the best in the area, bringing customers up to 8 Gbps symmetrical speeds. Not only does our fiber internet outperform other technologies, reaching unmatched speeds with low lag time, but you can send data as fast as 70 percent of the speed of light. Don’t procrastinate your dreams a moment longer—partner with Twin Valley and start creating content today!

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