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Bridging the Digital Divide: How Twin Valley Is Expanding Rural Broadband Development in Kansas Communities

October 26, 2023

Twin Valley Rural Broadband October 2023

At Twin Valley, we understand that high-speed internet is no longer a luxury but a necessity—both in urban and rural areas. This is why we have remained committed to improving connectivity for rural Kansans to help create opportunities for families, businesses, and communities to compete on a regional, national, or global level. Through the use of two emerging technologies, fiber internet and Twin Valley’s next-gen fixed wireless, we are bridging the digital divide to meet the needs of local residents and businesses. Learn more about our rural broadband development through our recent service expansion projects, and discover how Twin Valley is changing lives in your community!

Our Pledge to You

For the past 80 years, our fourth-generation family-owned company has remained committed to the long-term success of our neighbors and has made a pledge to our customers and the friends and neighbors of the communities we serve. Not only have we set out to provide the most reliable broadband network, but we remain dedicated to improving connectivity for all by using a combination of technologies so that no one is left behind. And, with our Financial Assistance Program for free internet service, we are able to expand on our pledge and equip qualifying households with free entry-level internet speeds.

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  • Reliable Network
  • Best Value
  • Customer Service

More Than a Fast Connection

The benefits of fiber internet and our next-gen fixed wireless go beyond a fast connection for buffer-free binging. This investment in infrastructure can have a significant impact on economic development for Kansas communities, helping retain and attract new families and businesses, increasing current property values, and improving educational opportunities, both in-person and online. With Twin Valley’s next-gen fixed wireless, you can access large files, communicate with classmates and educators, and study on your terms without disruptions compared to traditional rural internet or mobile hotspots. And, did we forget to mention? There are absolutely no contract or installation fees when you switch!

  • Attract New Businesses
  • Increase Property Values
  • Improve Educational Opportunities

Our Work in Action

Rural Clearwater

Prior to Twin Valley’s fiber internet expansion efforts in 2016 and 2017, rural Clearwater areas maintained 20/1 Mbps with copper or 25/3 Mbps with a cable modem, which is less than the recognized minimum for broadband (100/100 Mbps). Today, with our state-of-the-art fiber broadband network, Clearwater is among the first in the nation to get 2 Gbps symmetrical speeds—up to 200 times faster speeds than DSL. And, while fiber is the gold standard, it can be cost-prohibitive in low-density areas, which is why we are building out denser rural pockets of homes and filling in the gaps with next-gen fixed wireless. With over 1,500 Clearwater homes and businesses already served, this is only the beginning of improving connectivity for all. We are still slated to expand to 250 rural homes this year!

Check out our Clearwater fiber internet plans and pricing here!

Our Community Outreach

As part of our Twin Valley Pledge, we are dedicated to supporting our communities with meaningful outreach initiatives. In Clearwater, Kansas, we serve as a general sponsor of the Clearwater Fall Festival, including sponsoring the Corn Hole Tournament and the Kids Korner, in addition to participating in the parade! We also donate to various Clearwater-based causes, including youth sports, local After Prom celebrations, and other community initiatives.

“What I look for in a technology partner is somebody that is moving forward—they know what’s going on to support me now, but also know how to help me plan for the future. Twin Valley does a great job listening to what my needs are and helping me devise plans to keep up with modern-day technology.”

—Michael Doud, Clearwater Schools Director of Technology

  • 1,500+ Homes & Businesses Served

  • 250+ Projects Slated for Expansion


We believe that strong internet is essential for the growth of any community, which is why we bring the fastest speeds and reliability to the communities we serve, including Bennington, Kansas. Our team at Twin Valley has served Bennington since 1960, officially bringing fiber to town and next-gen fixed wireless to rural areas this year! From previous fixed wireless speeds of up to 50/8 Mbps, rural Bennington now has access to 2 Gbps symmetrical speeds with low lag time. This means that data is sent as fast as about 70% of the speed of light! With Twin Valley’s symmetrical speeds, area families now have the bandwidth to handle all of their online activities without any slowdowns, including remote work, online learning, streaming TV, accessing telehealth, and more.

Check out our Bennington fiber internet plans and pricing here!

Our Community Outreach

Twin Valley is active in Bennington! Just last year, our team provided a free ham giveaway in Bennington during the Christmas season. We also regularly support local After Prom celebrations and youth sports programs in the area.

  • 375+ Homes & Businesses Served

Future Expansion Projects

The fun doesn’t stop now—our team at Twin Valley is just getting started. Due to fiber internet’s ability to handle the increasing demand for bandwidth, the service will remain affordable and efficient for years to come. And we’re continuously committed to upgrading our Kansas communities, giving local homes and businesses access to the bandwidth needed to work, learn, and leisure in rural areas.

Follow along with our progress and find out where we’re bringing fiber internet next!

“High-speed internet is a necessity for every household. From education to remote work, healthcare, and more, access depends on connectivity. We see this as the first step in creating opportunities and generational change for local individuals and families in need. Our work doesn’t stop here.”

—Ben Foster, Twin Valley President & CEO

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