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For Danny Vanley, Living His Best Life is Spending Time with Family, Fishing, and Being Outdoors

March 31, 2022

Skt News Article March 2022 Featured Image Danny Vanley

Over the years, SKT customers in the Belle Plaine, Peck and rural Mulvane area have come to know Danny Vanley as their local service tech. Like any technician, Danny is the guy who “saves the day” – at least when it comes to internet. Whether he’s installing new service, helping a customer troubleshoot an issue or completing work to maintain the network, Danny plays an important role in helping the company fulfill its pledge of developing the most reliable broadband network and providing quality, hometown customer service.

“Danny is a humble, hard-working guy that will do anything to help his peers or our leadership team. He goes above and beyond to make sure our customers are well taken care of,” explains Installation and Repair Manager Todd Dannenberg, who has worked with Danny for 12 years.

Danny will tell you there is no such thing as a “typical” workday, and that’s okay with him. On average, he may handle one or two service installs and two or three troubleshooting calls. Lately though, more customers have been wanting the gig upgrade, so he’s busier than usual with service installs upgrading modems. When he’s not busy with installs or service troubleshooting, Danny can be found performing routine maintenance on SKT’s fiber optic and other cable lines, equipment and electronics. He also helps with upgrade projects from time to time.

“The work really is interesting to me. I like working with people, and I enjoy the opportunity being outside, working independently,” Danny said.

He adds, “SKT is a good company to work for too. They really care about their customers, always been a family-oriented company, and I’ve always liked that.”

When he’s not on the clock, Danny has a variety of ways he likes to spend his free time.

“I like to fish, work around my house out in the country, and spend time with my son and daughter-in law, Jesse and Autumn, and my three grandchildren – Rhett, Annie, and Oakes,” Danny shares.

Truth be told, Danny’s fishing knowledge is highly valued by co-workers. Todd sums it like this, “If you need any fishing tips – Danny’s your guy.”

He’s been fishing all over Texas, Oklahoma and Kansas, of course, but there are two fishing trips that Danny fondly recalls. One trip to Lake Fork near Emory, Texas, is a memorable trip because his son caught “a pretty nice bass,” about 10 pounds.

Typically, when bass fishing he opts for catch and release as he prefers walleye or crappie if he’s going to cook it.

“One of the best trips I’ve taken though was a trip with my son and grandson, Rhett. We took a trip to Lake of the Ozarks where we were in a fishing tournament. It was the first tournament we all got to do together,” Danny said. He went on to say, “they didn’t place, but they had a real good time.”

Over the last few years, Danny has been remodeling his 1880’s farmhouse which he describes as “needing a complete restoration.” He tore out a few walls on the main floor to open up some of the rooms, replaced windows and has made other updates to make it more energy efficient. With the inside updated, it’s on to the outside – approximately 4.5 acres – planting fruit trees and growing a garden.

“The fruit trees are pretty new, so they haven’t produced anything yet,” Danny explains. “And I have a small garden with potatoes, onions, squash, tomatoes, and that sort of thing. I don’t really go all out.”

When he’s not busy working, fishing or gardening, Danny and his wife, Paula, occasionally like to go out for dinner. Olive Garden or Shindigs in Winfield, Kansas, are two of their favorites. If you see them while you’re out, just wave or say “hello” as you walk by. You’ll most certainly be given a warm wave or “hello” in return.