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New Internet Service in Keats Gives Local Mom Flexibility to Work from Home

October 27, 2021

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Twin Valley’s Internet service gives rural Kansans the ability to work and learn remotely.

Christy grew up in rural Riley County. Like many other rural Kansans, she wanted to raise her kids in the school district she grew up in. As a working mom, it was important to balance a small-town lifestyle with the availability of modern amenities like quality Internet. Their home lacked reliable and affordable Internet options, which only became more problematic with the onset of the pandemic.

Working from home was hardly an option for Christy. She was unable to participate in Zoom calls, edit or send video work, the work-from-home gig was far from a quality experience. When she was able to work, the delays were significant. Chrisy needed something better.

Christy wasn’t alone in that struggle. Other rural Americans across the country continue to deal with poor Internet service, making it nearly impossible to work and learn from home, watch TV, or shop online.

As remote work and education became the norm during the pandemic, it forced the digital divide and the lack of options for rural families and businesses to the forefront. That paved the way for an influx of grant dollars to support rural broadband expansion.

Twin Valley was awarded a grant through the State in 2020 and completed the project in 2021 to install seven fixed wireless Internet towers, bringing faster speeds to more than 2,900 underserved homes and businesses in Abilene, Chapman, Junction City, Keats, Minneapolis, and Solomon.

“With Twin Valley, I can stream and work without any lag, and it makes quite a difference. I work from home a few days a week when I really need to focus on writing or in-depth work. It’s created this new ability for me. I love it.”


Fixed Wireless technology has improved drastically in recent years, increasing the availability of service and giving users a more reliable connection and faster speeds. Those who have had a poor experience with other providers are encouraged to try Twin Valley’s Fixed Wireless service, and new customers can do so risk-free, with free installation and a month of free service.

Christy made the switch to Twin Valley’s Fixed Wireless Internet service, and it has opened up many new opportunities for her family. Read on to learn more about Christy and how her Twin Valley Internet service has helped her family.

10 Questions with Christy Chase of Rural Riley County

My family has called rural Riley County home since 2011. We love our small community that sits just 10 minutes west from Manhattan, and another 10 mins east of Riley, where my children attend school. I am a native to the area, and it was important for me to be in the rural school district I grew up in – close to family and friends. But I also wanted a location where I could commute to work easily, and this location is a perfect fit.

I am a mom to two kids. I have a 4th grader and a 3-year-old, and we can’t forget to mention the furry child named Charlie. She’s a Brittany spaniel.

I have the pleasure to work for Middle. We are a full-service marketing agency that has a vast array of clients all over the country. I am an Integrated Producer for the agency, and I have been there seven years.

My work varies on a daily basis, but for the most part I work with clients to reach their marketing goals. I am a connector between the client and the agency, and I work to bridge the challenges and issues that a client might have to the work that Middle does. If I am not communicating with clients directly, I am working with my team on campaigns and creative work to see a project through. An extra fun part of my job is that I work largely in part with our video team. I set up video projects, production schedules and travel with the team to see the work meets the desired end goal.

I have not always worked from home. COVID happened, and I was forced to suddenly be a teacher and a full-time employee. Just like everyone who was dealt these cards, we all struggled to find the balance. I am a people person, and I thought working remote would be the end of me…. but it wasn’t. Once I found my stride and I was able to do part-time remote and part-time in the office, I found that my work… became better! The change of scenery, the ever-demanding needs of motherhood while working…. the in-office and at home office became a terrific way for me to balance both areas of my life.

When I first moved to the area… I had NO internet. This wasn’t by choice… it was because of my location. We simply didn’t have sufficient services in the area to meet where we were located. It was frustrating. We moved in 2017 to a new home and were presented a few more options, but they still weren’t optimal. One other Fixed Wireless provider is available in the area, but they were overrun, so I wasn’t able to get on their service. My only other option was a satellite service. This partially got the job done, but the service was slow, expensive and I ran out of data every month.

I found out about the Twin Valley service because my company is a marketing partner with them. I was excited at the opportunity and did all I could to spread the word to engage our locals in ensuring the service was successful in this area.

Before– I wasn’t able to do Zoom calls– I couldn’t do video work, and I had a large delay. While I did work from home… it wasn’t great, and the quality suffered. I am now able to stream and work without any lag, and it makes quite a difference. I work from home a few days a week now when I really need to focus on writing, or in-depth work. It’s created this new ability for me, and I love it.

As we move towards the end of 2021 with the unknown of COVID, or quarantines, or honestly just any sickness in the wintertime, I knew it was time to get serious and get an Internet provider that would allow me to work from home with no delays, but also allow my 4th grader to also do schoolwork online if needed. Before, this would have never been an option… but now I feel prepared and ready should my family all be remote again. This is at least one thing I have control of going into uncharted territory.

Twin Valley was great to work with. Scheduling was a breeze, and my technician arrived on-time and was in an out in an hour or less. He was great, and I specifically asked for his name so I could pass along my thanks to Twin Valley as a whole.

Thank you, Twin Valley, for taking a chance at entering a new rural area to offer us an additional option for Internet. It’s not easy to enter new markets, but we appreciate it!