Gaming at the Speed of Light: The Benefits of Fiber Internet for Gamers

July 13, 2023

Twin Valley Fiber Internet For Gaming July 2023

Don’t lose your spot at the top of the leaderboard due to lag. We’ve all been there; you go to press the “fire” button and—nothing. If your current at-home internet is affecting your gameplay, it’s time to consider switching to fiber! No matter which gaming console you have (Xbox, PlayStation or PC), you deserve a seamless, lag-free online gaming experience. At Twin Valley, our networks are fiber-fed, and many areas have true fiber-to-the-premises (FTTP) internet, which means you’ll get the fastest speeds possible. Find out why more gamers have started making the switch!


Higher Bandwidth

When it comes to gaming, faster is better. Before fiber internet, most internet connections consisted of less than 200 megabits-per-second (Mbps), with many slower in rural areas. With an increase in quality graphics as more video games are released, regular players now require faster speeds and a higher bandwidth for a positive gaming experience. In general, higher bandwidths mean that data will be transferred quicker, especially in multiplayer games where your internet connection must be able to support significant amounts of data sent every second. In walks fiber internet—the only broadband solution consistently delivering symmetrical multi-gigabit service, and with Twin Valley, there are no data caps, overage fees or throttling. Because fiber can accommodate more bandwidth during peak hours, your internet connection will be much more reliable throughout all hours of the day!


Lower Latency and Jitter

While speed is one of the most important factors in gameplay, two other issues can result in lagging—latency and jitter. Latency is the time it takes for a signal to leave the gaming console, reach the server, and return to the device, and is measured in milliseconds. When gaming, lower latency is better, with anything under 50 milliseconds considered to be a decent “ping.” But did you know? With fiber internet, you can reduce this number to single digits! Not only does fiber internet minimize latency, but it reduces jitter, the change in latency over time. Because fiber internet offers a more consistent connection unaffected by high network use during peak hours, your latency will remain more stable throughout the day, becoming the difference between winning and losing.


A Single Connection

Internet is a shared connection, but it doesn’t always have to be. When streaming with other technologies, you use a shared connection meaning that your bandwidth may be affected by neighbors and other individuals sharing the overall network connection. Because fiber internet offers each household a dedicated fiber connection, it’s a great solution for avid gamers, as you can game all night with zero interruptions. Ensure you are getting the speeds you are paying for by opting for fiber internet!

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