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Hosted Voice Phone System in Kansas

The Modern Phone System

The simplicity of a Twin Valley Hosted Voice phone system allows companies of all sizes in Kansas to easily manage and control all communication features from any web browser. We host your phone system on our servers and route your calls over high-speed internet to the devices you choose, providing you with complete control of phone numbers, extensions, simultaneous ringing and more.

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Why Choose Twin Valley

  • Lower Cost of Ownership

    A hosted phone system offers a lower cost of ownership than traditional phone systems. There is no equipment to install or maintain, and automatic feature upgrades mean that our phones can be the last ones you’ll ever buy.

  • Universal Integration

    Easily communicate with customers via traditional desk phone, your PC, a tablet or your smartphone. You are free to focus on what to communicate, not how. Plus, high-definition voice quality on local and long-distance calls is included.

  • Predictability

    With a flat-rate cost structure, you know how much to budget for your communication needs. This eliminates expensive upfront costs for premise-based PBX systems while reducing the need for on-site management, costly future upgrades or unexpected costs.

  • Proactive

    With convenient, 24-hour online account management, we stay on top of updates for your hardware, operating system and software. Potential problems get solved before they ever become problems. And if anything does get past our 99.999% reliability, you’re taken care of with disaster recovery managed by IT professionals.

Hosted Voice Phone System In Kansas By Twin Valley 2

How It Works

Whether desktop, laptop, mobile or car, a Twin Valley Hosted Voice phone system allows you to push calls seamlessly to and from your devices, as well as transfer calls to remote teammates. In other words, your office can be anywhere you need it to be!

Controls and Features

With a robust suite of options and flexible infrastructure on our user-friendly web app, you have access to features that allow you to customize your system to fit your specific needs. You can even transfer user preferences to any phone in the office.

  • Mobile App
  • Caller ID
  • Speed Dialing
  • Attendant Console
  • Call Pick-Up Groups
  • Voicemail With Email Delivery
  • Sequential or Simultaneous Ring
  • Shared Line Appearance
  • Selective Call Screening
  • Call Park, Forward and Transfer
  • Call Hold and Music on Hold
  • Short Code Dialing
  • Multiple Appearance Directory Numbers

Enhanced Business Tools

Upgrade your business toolkit with enhanced business tools. Optimize efficiency and streamline operations for a more successful business.

  • E-Fax

    Optimize efficiency with your business communications with a cloud-based electronic fax service. This secure tool features encrypted communication and data storage.

  • Call Recording

    Elevate your customer service and employee training with our scalable Call Recording tool for Hosted Voice business phones. It’s a reliable solution for regulatory compliance, catering to businesses, government, and emergency services.

What People Are Saying

“Twin Valley provides the most user-friendly communication solution with their Hosted Voice product. Coupled with their superior tech support, Twin Valley becomes the obvious choice – especially working with our elderly population, it is just easier!”

Carter Olson Administrator, Nicol Home, Glasco, KS

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