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Using Voicemail

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Accessing Your VoiceMail

From the phone subscribed to the service:
  1. Dial *59.
From a different phone:
  1. Dial your local prefix + 0059.
  2. Enter your 10-digit telephone number.
  3. Enter your password and then press #.

Manage your VoiceMail settings, greetings, messages, and more by clicking on VoiceMail under the Log In button dropdown menu, located in the upper right corner of our website.


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Receiving Your VoiceMails in Your Email Inbox:
  1. On our website, log in to your VoiceMail portal (located under the Log In button menu).
  2. To add or update your email address to receive your VoiceMails in your email inbox, go to Settings. Under VoiceMail settings, turn your Email Notify setting to “on” and add your email address.
  3. When you get a VoiceMail message, you will receive an email from [email protected].
  4. Open the attachment on the email and your media player will play the message.
  5. If desired, save the attachment on your computer.
  6. Follow the links in the message to save or delete the message from the VoiceMail system.

If you have not found the answer to your question or need additional assistance, the Twin Valley Customer Support team is here to help!

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