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TV Installation Written Instructions

Amazon Account

An Amazon account is necessary to activate your FireStick. If you already have an account, you can link your FireStick to your account during the FireStick set up process. If you purchased your FireStick directly from Amazon, it may already have your account information linked.

If you purchased your FireStick from Twin Valley and need to set up an Amazon account, directions are located HERE.


FireStick Installation and Twin Valley App Setup

Now it’s time to install your FireStick on your TV and program your remote. Then download the Twin Valley app. It’s a simple process and all directions are HERE.


Start Watching Twin Valley Streaming TV

Once you’ve completed setting up and installing your FireStick, you can start watching your favorite programs! Click HERE for a short tutorial on how to start watching Twin Valley Streaming TV.


Streaming TV Parental Control Setup

Limit the content your children can watch on Twin Valley Streaming TV based on the programs ratings. Click HERE for instructions on how to set up Parental Controls.


Twin Valley TV is a self install service. Please view the instructional videos and printed instructions before contacting our office for assistance.

Video Installation Tutorials

If you have not found the answer to your question or need additional assistance, the Twin Valley Customer Support team is here to help!

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