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Twin Valley is bringing high-speed internet up to 2 Gbps symmetrical to rural Kansans with a mix of fiber to the premises and next-gen fixed wireless.

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Fiber Installation: What to Expect

Twin Valley Intro Fiber Expansion Project Haysville
What to Expect

Fiber Installation

Higher speed internet is coming your way. What does that mean? Here are the steps we will take to make your life easier.

  • Staking

    Our partners will finalize the plant design, laying out cable routes, drawing in roadways and structures, and designing cabinet placement and fiber assignments.

  • Mainline Construction & Splicing

    You’ll start seeing our construction crews in your neighborhood as they bury duct and mainline fiber-optic cable. They’ll also place remote serving cabinets, handholes and pedestals to provide service to homes and businesses and allow technicians easier access to the cables once the project is complete. These are placed in the city, county and state right-of-ways or easements, which are approved for utilities. Crews will also complete splicing, fusing together thin strands of glass, to connect the sections of cable and serving cabinets. We will call you to let you know they are coming and ask about any private utilities we need to work around – things like sprinkler or drainage systems that would not be caught by the 811 service. It is important to return our call if you miss it so we can keep the process moving.

    It’s exciting to see this work being done in your neighborhood, but it is also important to remember that there are still several other steps needed in order to provide service at your home or business.

  • Drop Construction

    A “drop” is a fiber line from our main line to your home or business. Before our construction crew buries the drop on your property, you will see an Optical Network Terminal (the box that goes from the side of your home or business). If you have concerns about this, please let us know. Seeing this will indicate we are planning your drop in the coming days.

  • Drop Splicing & Testing

    A technician will splice your fiber-optic cable to the main network and complete testing to ensure there are no problems at the time of installation. 

  • It's time to schedule your installation!

    Our Customer Service team will contact you to schedule a technician to complete the installation, help connect devices, and test your WiFi signal. Once installation is complete, you can cancel your other internet service, if applicable. 

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