Fiber Installation: What to Expect

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What to Expect

Fiber Installation

Higher speed internet is coming your way. What does that mean? Here are the steps we will take to make your life easier.

We partner with premier contractors and set high industry standards to build a quality broadband network that will last for generations to come. But there’s no way around it… construction is messy. 

We appreciate your patience as we complete this work to support local families and businesses through cutting-edge connectivity. Our crews will do their best to minimize the impact to your yard and make repairs to landscaping as needed. 

Keep reading to learn more about the fiber construction process or use the form on this page to contact our local fiber project leadership team with any questions or concerns related to construction.

  • Staking

    Our partners will finalize the plant design, laying out cable routes, drawing in roadways and structures, and designing cabinet placement and fiber assignments.

  • Mainline Construction & Splicing

    You’ll start seeing our construction crews in your neighborhood as they bury duct and mainline fiber-optic cable. They’ll also place remote serving cabinets, handholes and pedestals to provide service to homes and businesses and allow technicians easier access to the cables once the project is complete. These are placed in the city, county and state right-of-ways or easements, which are approved for utilities. Work may be done in your yard even if you have not signed up for service. Crews will also complete splicing, fusing together thin strands of glass, to connect the sections of cable and serving cabinets.

    It’s exciting to see this work being done in your neighborhood, but it is also important to remember that there are still several other steps needed in order to provide service at your home or business.

  • Drop Construction

    A “drop” is a fiber line from our main line to your home or business. This is only installed for those who have signed up for service or otherwise given us permission. Before our construction crew buries the drop on your property, you will see an Optical Network Terminal (the box that goes from the side of your home or business). If you have concerns about this, please let us know. Seeing this will indicate we are planning your drop in the coming days.

    We will also call you to let you know we are coming to place the drop and ask about any private utilities we need to work around – things like sprinkler or drainage systems that would not be caught by the 811 service. It is important to return our call if you miss it so we can keep the process moving. 

  • Drop Splicing & Testing

    A technician will splice your fiber-optic cable to the main network and complete testing to ensure there are no problems at the time of installation. 

  • It's time to schedule your installation!

    Our Customer Service team will contact you to schedule a technician to complete the installation, help connect devices, and test your WiFi signal. Once installation is complete, you can cancel your other internet service, if applicable. 

Fiber Internet FAQs

  • What is fiber optic cable?

    Fiber is the future of communications technology. Fiber optic cable contains strands of optically pure glass, thinner than a human hair, which carry digital information over long distances. Digital signals are sent as pulses of light down the glass fibers, without interference or limitation.

    When you have fiber internet, you know your home is connected using the most advanced communications technology currently available. Fiber is faster, clearer, more reliable, and will give you the bandwidth to access the digital communications services of the future, and today’s IP-based broadband apps such as digital streaming TV, VOIP, video conferencing, home security systems, remote appliance management and symmetrical internet speeds up to 8 Gig (8,000 Mbps).

  • What are the benefits of fiber internet?

    Super Fast

    Fiber internet outperforms any other broadband technology, reaching unmatched speeds with low lag time and sending data as fast as about 70% of the speed of light.

    Improved Connectivity

    Fiber connections can easily support remote work, education, telehealth, video conferencing, streaming, gaming, online shopping and more for individuals and families.


    Unlike other technologies, fiber offers equal download and upload speeds. That’s a game-changer for large file uploads like submitting homework or posting social video content, gaming and video calls.

    More Reliable

    Fiber is the most reliable internet technology because it is less susceptible to interference or deterioration of performance due to distance or climate conditions than cable, copper or spectrum-based services.


    Fiber is capable of handling the increasing demand for bandwidth, allowing service to remain affordable and efficient for years to come.

    Supports Businesses

    Fiber gives businesses access to the bandwidth needed to quickly store and access information in the cloud, connect with remote employees and clients through video calls, maintain their online presence through websites and social media, and more.

  • How will a fiber connection improve my life?

    Upgrading to a fiber internet connection can significantly enhance your online experience, offering improvements in several key areas of daily internet use. Firstly, with fiber’s superior speed, you’ll notice a dramatic reduction in download and upload times. Whether you’re streaming high-definition videos, playing online games, or sending large files, everything feels instant.

    Fiber internet boasts a more reliable connection, which is crucial for those working from home, attending online classes, or needing a constant connection for security systems and smart home devices. Additionally, fiber internet provides lower latency, which is the delay before a transfer of data begins following an instruction for its transfer. Lower latency improves the performance of interactive applications like online gaming and video conferencing, making your interactions smoother and more natural.

    In summary, a fiber internet connection not only boosts your productivity by allowing for faster downloads and uploads but also enhances your entertainment experience with smoother streaming and gaming. Its reliability and lower latency mean fewer interruptions and a better quality of life in our increasingly digital world.

  • Will getting fiber to my home disturb my yard or property?

    Though we may sometimes be required to dig across your yard to bury a new fiber line, our goal is always to treat your property as if it were our own. We always strive to promptly restore your property to a condition as close to original as possible. If you are not satisfied, please contact us! Occasionally ground can settle after rain or something may be unintentionally missed. We are happy to come back out and reassess your yard.

    However, homeowners should also understand that your lot came with legal easements registered to each home for power, water and communications, and anything planted or built over these easements will always be in danger of being disturbed or removed by any public utility companies. Remember to always call 811 before you dig.

Fiber Construction Concerns & Questions

Do you have a question for our construction team or a concern related to work done on your property that needs to be addressed? Use the form below to submit your questions or concerns directly to the project manager. Submitting concerns through the City will result in a delayed response and resolution.

Please submit other customer service or sales inquiries through our online sign-up form or contact form. Submitting a sales or other customer service request through this form will result in a delayed response.

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