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Twin Valley is committed to improving connectivity for rural Kansans to help create opportunities for families, businesses and communities. Learn more about the benefits of fiber internet, and explore our current fiber internet service expansion projects in rural Kansas.

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Connecting Rural Communities with Fiber Internet

Fiber Internet Benefits

  • Super Fast

    Fiber internet outperforms any other broadband technology, reaching unmatched speeds with low lag time and sending data as fast as about 70% of the speed of light.

  • Improved Connectivity

    Fiber connections can easily support remote work, education, telehealth, video conferencing, streaming, gaming, online shopping and more for individuals and families.

  • Symmetrical

    Unlike other technologies, fiber offers equal download and upload speeds. That’s a game-changer for large file uploads like submitting homework or posting social video content, gaming and video calls.

  • More Reliable

    Fiber is the most reliable internet technology because it is less susceptible to interference or deterioration of performance due to distance or climate conditions than cable, copper or spectrum-based services.

  • Future-Proof

    Fiber is capable of handling the increasing demand for bandwidth, allowing service to remain affordable and efficient for years to come.

  • Supports Businesses

    Fiber gives businesses access to the bandwidth needed to quickly store and access information in the cloud, connect with remote employees and clients through video calls, maintain their online presence through websites and social media, and more.

Rural Fiber Projects

  • Twin Valley Intro Fiber Expansion Project Junction City Heritage Park

    Junction City Fiber Internet

    Construction is underway in our Junction City fiber expansion project. We plan to build our network throughout the community. Express your interest in service to help influence where we build next.

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  • Twin Valley Image Listing Large Ottawa

    Minneapolis Fiber Internet

    Twin Valley is bringing up to 2 Gbps symmetrical fiber internet to homes and businesses in Minneapolis, and work is underway!

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  • Twin Valley Intro Fiber Expansion Project Clearwater2

    Rural Clearwater Fiber Internet

    Since 2018, we have brought 2 Gbps symmetrical internet to more than 1,600 Clearwater area homes and businesses – and counting. Stay tuned for more fiber expansion news and learn how our next-gen fixed wireless is filling the gaps with speeds up to 500/125 Mbps.

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  • Twin Valley Fiber Internet Streaming Without Limits November 2023 Listing

    Cambridge Fiber Internet

    Twin Valley is bringing up to 2 Gbps symmetrical fiber internet to homes and businesses in Cambridge as a part of funding through the State’s Broadband Acceleration Grant. The project timeline will be announced in 2024.

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  • Twin Valley Image Listing Expansion Project Latham

    Latham Fiber Internet

    Twin Valley is bringing up to 2 Gbps symmetrical fiber internet to homes and businesses in Latham as a part of funding through the State’s Broadband Acceleration Grant. The project timeline will be announced in 2024.

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Committed to Rural Kansas Communities

“When it comes to advocating for cutting-edge communications and connectivity for rural Kansans, Twin Valley has been an industry leader for more than 80 years. We have made intentional infrastructure investments to help rural families, businesses and communities thrive for generations, and this project reflects our commitment to offering the most reliable broadband network.”

Ben Foster President & CEO, Twin Valley

Completed Projects

  • Twin Valley Intro Fiber Expansion Project Bennington

    Bennington Fiber Internet

    We are excited to offer the best broadband technology to a community we have served since 1960! Construction and installations are complete. New customers, sign up today to start experiencing up to 2 Gbps symmetrical fiber internet.

    Homes & Businesses: ~375

    Completed: Spring 2023

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  • Twin Valley Intro Fiber Expansion Project Rural Wichita

    Rural Wichita Fiber Internet

    We have expanded our fiber network to residents and businesses in rural Wichita, Clearwater and Goddard near 151st & MacArthur. New customers, sign up today to start experiencing up to 2 Gbps symmetrical fiber internet.

    Homes & Businesses: ~130

    Completed: Spring 2023

  • Twin Valley Intro Fiber Expansion Project Rosalia Main Street

    Rosalia Fiber Internet

    We have expanded our fiber network to residents and businesses in Rosalia, Kan., located about 12 miles east of El Dorado. They are among the first in the nation to have access to up to 2 Gbps download and upload. That’s 26 times faster download and 200 times faster upload speed compared to what was offered with copper infrastructure.

    Homes & Businesses: ~80

    Completed: Fall 2022

  • Twin Valley Intro Fiber Expansion Project Haysville

    Rural Haysville Fiber Internet

    In 2021, SKT (now Twin Valley) was awarded a Broadband Acceleration Grant from the State of Kansas. With the grant and SKT’s matching funds, rural Haysville residents were able to access up to 1 Gbps symmetrical service. Network upgrades were later completed to double that speed to 2 Gbps.

    Homes & Businesses: ~24

    Completed: Spring 2022

Fiber Internet FAQs

  • What is fiber optic cable?

    Fiber is the future of communications technology. Fiber optic cable contains strands of optically pure glass, thinner than a human hair, which carry digital information over long distances. Digital signals are sent as pulses of light down the glass fibers, without interference or limitation.

    When you have fiber internet, you know your home is connected using the most advanced communications technology currently available. Fiber is faster, clearer, more reliable, and will give you the bandwidth to access the digital communications services of the future, and today’s IP-based broadband apps such as digital streaming TV, VOIP, video conferencing, home security systems, remote appliance management and symmetrical internet speeds up to 2 Gig (2,000 Mbps).

  • How will a fiber connection improve my life?

    Faster Speeds. Increased Reliability. Unlimited Bandwidth.

    Fiber is the most advanced method on the planet to deliver high-speed internet, and it’s a great economic leveler for rural residents. Think about it – your home can have the same advanced connectivity as the most high-tech building in any major financial district in the world.

    The fiber line running to your home from the main cable contains just a few strands of fiber, but those strands could theoretically carry all the information in the Western U.S. Fiber optic cable carries an all-digital signal and is better suited to today’s digital communication devices. Fiber optics are the future of communications because both copper and wireless will eventually max out on the bandwidth people will require. Eventually, all media will be delivered as internet data and you’ll be ready for that future.

  • What are the benefits of fiber internet?

    Fiber technology offers unmatched bandwidth capacity. Fiber internet offers download and upload speeds up to 2 Gbps (2,000 Mbps)! Fiber customers can do more with the internet than ever before – download purchased digital movies in a flash, play online games at lightning speed, share large photo files and video chat with friends and family.

  • How is fiber optic cable installed?

    Staking – First, our engineering partners finalize our plant design, laying out cable routes, drawing in roadways and structures, and designing cabinet placement and fiber assignments.

    Mainline Construction – In this step, we bore, or plow, in plastic conduit or duct underground. This is a great method as it has very little environmental impact. We then blow the fiber optic cable through the conduit using compressed air moving at very high speeds. The high-velocity air flow causes the cable to float, and that way we can feed it through very easily. This is the backbone to connect customers to our network. Where the fiber needs to be spliced to serve homes, we put in pedestals and handholes with loops of fiber, where we can branch off and pick up those new homes in the future.

    Mainline Splicing – After our contractors get the mainline fiber placed, all the different sections of fiber need to be spliced together and spliced to the serving cabinets.

    Drop Construction – For those who sign up for service before or during construction in a specific zone, our contractors will place their drop fiber, which is the fiber-optic cable that is buried from the home or business to the serving pedestal or handhole. For those who sign up for service after construction in an area is already complete, we will be required to go back to bury their fiber drop, which requires additional time to complete.

    Drop Splicing and Testing – After all mainline splicing is complete, drops have been placed and spliced to our network, our contractors will test the continuity and signal through the fiber-optic network, to ensure there are no problems at the time of installation. After the drop splicing and testing is complete, the home or business is ready to have installation scheduled.

    Installation Scheduled – After all the mainline and drop construction, splicing, and testing is complete, it’s time to get equipment installed at the customer location and activate service. This typically involves installing an ONT (Optical Network Terminal), a power supply for the ONT, and installing wiring to connect telephones and WiFi routers to serve the home or business. Installations can take anywhere from one to four hours depending on the complexity of the install, building size and makeup, and number of connected devices.

  • Why a buried fiber network?

    Buried networks are all about reliability, reliability, reliability! You can count on your fiber connection to work from fire, to blizzard, to windstorm. Our fiber network is 100% buried—no wireless backhauls or downed lines to worry about.

  • Will fiber increase the value of my home?

    Fiber to the home could increase the value of your home by as much as $5,000 according to the Fiber-to-the-Home Council. Our investment in your home means more money in your pocket. More importantly, fiber to your home means a higher quality of life for you in this digital information age where so much of what we do to enrich our lives has moved online. More internet speed = more fun.

    Fiber will also naturally lead to more economic development in your areas due to the advanced technology and internet commerce opportunities available in the area. This is especially important in rural areas, where a gap has traditionally existed in diverse economic opportunities—but in our new information economy—fiber puts us all on the same footing.

  • Will getting fiber to my home disturb my yard or property?

    Though we may sometimes be required to dig across your yard to bury a new fiber line, our goal is always to treat your property as if it were our own. Often, we have buried conduit already in place. We always strive to promptly restore your property to a condition as close to original as possible. If you are not satisfied, please contact us! Occasionally ground can settle after rain or something may be unintentionally missed. We are happy to come back out and reassess your yard.

    However, homeowners should also understand that your lot came with legal easements registered to each home for power, water and communications, and anything planted or built over these easements will always be in danger of being disturbed or removed by any public utility companies. Remember to always call 811 before you dig.

To earn your business, we’ve made a pledge to you, as well as your friends and neighbors in the many communities we serve.

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